Timeline Stories

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2020 Third generation
1000 750 Grieser MBS

The intro­duc­to­ry pha­se of the second com­pa­ny suc­ces­si­on at Grie­ser Maschi­nen­bau: Leo­nie and Bene­dikt Grie­ser beco­me part of the team.

2017 ECS
1000 750 Grieser MBS

Grie­ser Maschi­nen­bau pres­ents at ECS, the 12th Euro­pean Coa­ting Show 2017, in Nürnberg.

2009 Ache­ma
750 1000 Grieser MBS

For­mer Head of Sales Gün­ter Biehal and employee Petra Nes­ke pre­sent Grie­ser Maschi­nen­bau at ACHE­MA in 2009.

Geschäftsführer der zweiten Generation Stephan Grieser
2005 Genera­ti­on change
1000 750 Grieser MBS

After Ber­told Grie­ser, son Dipl.-Ing. Ste­phan Grie­ser takes over in 2005 as the head of Grie­ser Maschinenbau.

2000 Manage­ment team
1000 750 Grieser MBS

Ber­told Grie­ser and com­pa­ny dog Andy as an inse­pa­ra­ble and unbea­t­a­ble team at Grie­ser Maschinenbau.

1985 Ache­ma
1000 750 Grieser MBS

Ber­told Grie­ser and his employees pre­sent at Ache­ma for the first time.

1984 The new building
1000 750 Grieser MBS

In 1984 a new com­pa­ny buil­ding is erec­ted in Che­mie­stra­ße. The new buil­ding is prompt­ly inaugurated.

1984 The tent
1000 750 Grieser MBS

The com­pa­ny is tem­pora­ri­ly expan­ded with the addi­ti­on of a tent. The PL600 pla­ne­ta­ry mixer is now built insi­de the tent.

1983 The beginnings
750 1000 Grieser MBS

The begin­nings of Grie­ser Maschi­nen­bau at Worm­ser Land­stra­ße 115: assem­bly still takes place in the open air.

Eva und Bertold Grieser. Gründerehepaar.
1983 The foun­ding couple
1000 750 Grieser MBS

Eva and Ber­told Grie­ser estab­lish Grie­ser Maschi­nen­bau und Ser­vice GmbH in Lam­pert­heim, Germany.